Cam and Kate seal their love

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On a recent trip to Southbank in Melbourne Kate and Cam were watching a young couple kissing.  Kate said “Bet you can’t beat that Cam” to which he said “Bet I can” and produced an engagement ring and asked Kate to marry him – Kate said yes and Cam’s mother cried with happiness.  They decided that Manly Deck Restaurant was the perfect venue to exchange their vows. Cam, in a very efficient way, was able to organise the whole day, incorporating a “Mario” theme into the Reception.  Kelly loves the colour pink, butterflys, her two girls and Cam and their ceremony had all those elements. Kelly looked beautiful in a hot pink gown and the girls wore beautiful white dresses.  During the ceremony, Tory-lee, welcomed all the guests and Charlee sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” (actually the guests did most of the singing and Charlee just looked pretty – which she did with style).

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