Heidi and Matty exchange vows at The Spotted Chook in Montville

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Having to move away from Brisbane after the floods didn’t stop Heidi organising their wedding at The Spotted Chook in Montville.  Heidi was able to organise everything from their home in South Australia and  arrived days before the ceremony to complete the finer details.  Being a Florist she was so intent in having the perfect bouquet she worked until late into the night to ensure the wedding party has the most spectacular arrangements.  Walking down the steps to meet her truly handsome man, Matty, bought a tear to the eye of many guests.  The wedding lawn was decorated in an olde world and very romantic theme by local decorator, Trudy Croad of Lovebird Weddings.  After the ceremony, Calli B Photographer took the wedding party up to the Glasshouse Mountains to get their spectacular wedding pics.

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