Kelly and Jason seal their love with a Lock Ceremony

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Kelly and Jason’s love affair started in high school.  Little did Kelly know that having a broken leg would attract the attention of her true love and the person she would later marry.  Jason, a true romantic, quietly bought an engagement ring, stowed it in his backpack, and on a surprise visit to Santorini in Greece proposed to Kelly as the sun set.

In the months leading up to their ceremony great construction plans were put in place by Kelly’s Dad.  He designed and made interlocking hearts fixed to a sandstone base so they could incorporate a Lock Ceremony into their day.  On their many travels Kelly and Jason visited “Lovers Lane” in Cinque Terre in Italy.  This Pathway of Love is frequented by many couples in love and tradition has it, that locks are attached to the fence and the keys thrown away.  Kelly and Jason asked their guests to each bring a lock to attach to the hearts – symbolising the locking together their love.  Kelly and Jason exchanged their handwritten vows (which they learnt by heart) at Cherbon Waters Ceremonial Gardens with Photographer and school friend, Beth Carter,  taking the beautiful wedding pics.  Kelly and Jason’s love for each other was radiant throughout the ceremony.  An amazing couple on an amazing day.

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